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In this world plagued by insecurity and chaos, there are still many people who act as shining example of kindness and hope.

Rakesh Rajdev and Rupal ben Rajdev is a couple who supports society in ways and also is renowned businessperson. They have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to social welfare through the social welfare organization namely Kanuda Mitra Mandal.

They recently organized the Bhagwat Saptah on 4th January 2022. It was a testament to the values of integrity, reliability and credibility of Rakesh Bhai Rajdev’s companies represent. It was also the event that was organizedto fulfilling the desire and wish of his late mother – Vimlaben Pratap raiRajdev.

Kanuda Mitra Mandal – A NGO run by Rakesh Rajdev:

The organization – Kanuda Mitra Mandal is run by Rakesh Rajdev for over 11+ years. Through the NGO he has supported the needy people and families in many ways. Especially he offered support to the labourers and frontline workers.

Mrs Rupal ben Rajdev is a dedicated businesswoman as well as a philanthropist who works tirelessly to ensure social welfare. She supports families and people as much as she can in many ways. Since she is a kind-hearted person who supports people who are in trouble immediately so that they can overcome it easily.

The Bhagwat Saptah Event:

The Bhagwat Saptah event was held at the hotel namely Seasons Hotel in Rajkot. It was a grand gathering of religious leaders and also saints from all over the country of India. The saints who attended the event included BadriKedarnath, the leader of Dwarka’s temple and alsoShankaracharya.

Despite all the restrictions imposed by the government due to the pandemic time, the couple also invited old people from old age homes and also the children who are suffering from leukaemia to participate in the event.

The event is a sacred tradition which holds great significance in the Hindu Religion. It is a week-long recitation of the Bhagwat Purana. It is one of the most revered texts in Hinduism which narrates the story of Lord Vishnu and his incarnations. The recitation of the sacred text is usually believed to bring spiritual enlightenment and also will help people have a deeper understanding of the divine.

The event of Bhagwat Saptah is a celebration of piety and devotion where the devotees will gather at the venue to listen to the recitation of the Bhagwat Purana. It will also be accompanied by the devotional songs and hymns. The event organized by Rakesh Rajdev is an opportunity for individuals to immerse themselves in the spiritual world by hearing the sacred teachings of Lord Vishnu.

This will help the people have a deeper understanding of the world and their place in this big world. For many people, this event will be a transformative process and will bring a sense of peace, clarity and also inner understanding. It serves as the importance of devotion and piety in everyone’s life. At the end of the event, one can reflect on their spiritual journey and also connect with their inner self.

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